The Imagine/RENDER Group Selected Activities

Imagine Render is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strives to create positive and lasting social change through the arts, education, and projects that build community.

  • Started The Empty Bowls Project
  • Participated in “Mickey Leland Memorial Hunger Banquets” at Congress and The United Nations in collaboration with Oxfam America. Empty Bowls were used at each event.
  • Organized National Empty Bowls Exhibitions at the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery, Detroit, MI, 1994 and 2000
  • Organized workshops on “Community Supported Agriculture” and “Extended Season Gardening”
  • Organized workshops with Gerry Williams, Paulus Berenshon, John Leach, Karen Orsillo and others at Imagine Render studio
  • Led “Mural Making” activities with community groups: Deerfield Elementary School, Rochester, MI and Orchard Lake Nature Center, Orchard Lake, MI
  • Held numerous bowl-making/decorating days and built a gas kiln dedicated to “Peace and Justice issues” at Imagine Render studio
  • Led Empty Bowls class at Odyssey Ceramics Center in Asheville, NC for four years. Bowls dedicated to Manna Food Bank annual Empty Bowls Luncheons
  • Began efforts that led to creation of “Dig In Yancey! Community Garden” in Burnsville, NC, an organic garden with all produce going to local food providers